Where Did We Get The Constellations?

As we were studying Job I ran across the mention of the constellations in Job 38: 31 {the Pleiades and Orion mentioned specifically).
I began to consider the origin of the names for the constellations and who set the specific stars to be included.
If we assume Job to be a contemporary of Abraham he would have lived about 2000 BC.
I did a quick search on Wikipedia for the origins of the constellations. In an article by that title you will find the following sentence:
The earliest direct evidence for the constellations comes from inscribed stones and clay writing tablets dug up in Mesopotamia It appears that the bulk of the Mesopotamian constellations were created within a relatively short interval from around 1300 to 1000 B.C […]
The mention of these constellations in the book of Job clearly identifies their existence several hundred years before science took note.