May Duty Roster 2017

  Westside church of Christ Duty Roster for May 2017  
      Sunday      AM     PM Wednesday
  05/07/2017     05/10/2017
Announcements Mike O’Neal Mark Westbrook  
Song Leader Dennis Westbrook Jeremy Housdan Tom Steinkirchner
Open Prayer Bret Mears Michael Armstrong  
Closing Prayer Dennis Miller Gary Everitt Scott Goodnite
Scripture Reading David Boyd Kyle Boyd  
Lord’s Supper Harold Strother Joshua Keese Invitation
  Joe Blount   Joshua Sullivan
Usher Tom Steinkirchner Jeremy Housdan    
A/V Jacob Keese Joshua Sullivan    
05/14/2017     05/17/2017
Announcements David Boyd David Boyd  
Song Leader Kyle Boyd Mark Westbrook Rex Robinson
Open Prayer Dennis Miller Gary Everitt  
Closing Prayer Darrell Phipps Joe Blount Sherman McCoy
Scripture Reading Ty Smith Scott Goodnite  
Lord’s Supper Dennis Westbrook Tom Steinkirchner Invitation
  Louis Wilson   Ron Eggert
Usher Jeremy Housdan Herb Nulph    
A/V Joshua Sullivan Jake Tesar    
05/21/2017     05/24/2017
Announcements Ron Eggert Joshua Sullivan  
Song Leader Tom Steinkirchner David Boyd Mark Westbrook
Open Prayer Joe Blount Bret Mears  
Closing Prayer Michael Armstrong Mark Westbrook Gary Everitt
Scripture Reading Michael Brooks Jacob Keese  
Lord’s Supper Scott Goodnite Harold Strother Invitation
  Rex Robinson   Rex Robinson
Usher Kyle Boyd Sherman McCoy    
A/V Jeremy Housdan Darrell Phipps    
05/28/2017     05/31/2017
Announcements Dennis Westbrook Jacob Keese  
Song Leader Jeremy Housdan Jacob Keese Ron Eggert
Open Prayer Michael Armstrong Joshua Keese  
Closing Prayer Scott Goodnite Michael Brooks Rex Robinson
Scripture Reading Jake Tesar Sherman McCoy  
Lord’s Supper Michael Brooks Bret Mears Invitation
  Ty Smith   Sherman McCoy
Usher Ron Eggert Harold Strother    
A/V Joe Blount Jacob Keese    

April Duty Roster 2017

  Westside church of Christ Duty Roster for April 2017  
   Sunday         AM      PM Wednesday
04/02/2017     04/05/2017
Announcements Dennis Westbrook Mike O’Neal  
Song Leader Kyle Boyd Tom Steinkirchner Gospel Meeting
Open Prayer Joshua Sullivan Rex Robinson  
Closing Prayer Gary Everitt Harold Strother Gospel Meeting
Scripture Reading Jake Tesar Michael Armstrong  
Lord’s Supper Joe Blount David Boyd Invitation
  Jacob Keese   Gospel Meeting
Usher: Ron Eggert Bret Mears    
A/V: Jacob Keese Jeremy Housdan    
04/09/2017     04/12/2017
Announcements Joshua Sullivan Mark Westbrook  
Song Leader David Boyd Ron Eggert David Boyd
Open Prayer Joshua Keese Dennis Westbrook  
Closing Prayer Harold Strother Scott Goodnite Jacob Keese
Scripture Reading Louis Wilson Dennis Miller  
Lord’s Supper Gary Everitt Bret Mears Invitation
  Sherman McCoy   Michael Brooks
Usher: Jeremy Housdan Ty Smith    
A/V: Joe Blount Herb Nulph    
04/16/2017     04/19/2017
Announcements Kyle Boyd Ron Eggert  
Song Leader Tom Steinkirchner Mark Westbrook Jeremy Housdan
Open Prayer Michael Brooks Joshua Keese  
Closing Prayer Scott Goodnite Joe Blount Bret Mears
Scripture Reading Dennis Miller Jake Tesar  
Lord’s Supper Michael Armstrong Sherman McCoy Invitation
  Darrell Phipps   Jacob Keese
Usher: Rex Robinson Harold Strother    
A/V: Joshua Sullivan Gary Everitt    
04/23/2017     04/26/2017
Announcements David Boyd Michael Armstrong  
Song Leader Joshua Sullivan Kyle Boyd Ron Eggert
Open Prayer Joe Blount Jacob Keese  
Closing Prayer Jeremy Housdan Sherman McCoy Rex Robinson
Scripture Reading Scott Goodnite Gary Everitt  
Lord’s Supper Bret Mears Rex Robinson Invitation
  Dennis Miller   Mark Westbrook
Usher: Mark Westbrook Joshua Keese    
A/V: Jeremy Housdan Michael Brooks    
04/30/2017     05/03/2017
Announcements Tom Steinkirchner Joshua Sullivan  
Song Leader Jeremy Housdan Joshua Sullivan Rex Robinson
Open Prayer Sherman McCoy Scott Goodnite  
Closing Prayer Herb Nulph Dennis Miller Joshua Keese
Scripture Reading Michael Armstrong Michael Brooks  
Lord’s Supper Darrell Phipps Joe Blount Invitation
  Louis Wilson   Tom Steinkirchner
Usher: Gary Everitt Jake Tesar    
A/V: Kyle Boyd Ron Eggert    

March Duty Roster 2017

  Westside church of Christ Duty Roster for March 2017  
   Sunday         AM       PM Wednesday
03/05/2017     03/08/2017
Announcements Mike O’Neal Ron Eggert  
Song Leader David Boyd Jeremy Housdan Mark Westbrook
Open Prayer Jacob Keese Gary Everitt  
Closing Prayer Harold Strother Joshua Sullivan Scott Goodnite
Scripture Reading Ty Smith Dennis Miller  
Lord’s Supper Michael Brooks Joshua Keese Invitation
  Joe Blount   Ron Eggert
Usher: Tom Steinkirchner Bret Mears        
A/V: Joshua Sullivan Mark Westbrook    
03/12/2017     03/15/2017
Announcements David Boyd Mark Westbrook  
Song Leader Kyle Boyd Joshua Sullivan Jeremy Housdan
Open Prayer Rex Robinson Michael Armstrong  
Closing Prayer Darrell Phipps Joshua Keese Sherman McCoy
Scripture Reading Gary Everitt Scott Goodnite  
Lord’s Supper Louis Wilson Harold Strother Invitation
  Dennis Miller   Rex Robinson
Usher: Jeremy Housdan Jake Tesar    
A/V: Joe Blount Herb Nulph    
03/19/2017     03/22/2017
Announcements Tom Steinkirchner Michael Armstrong  
Song Leader Jeremy Housdan Mark Westbrook Ron Eggert
Open Prayer Gary Everitt Dennis Miller  
Closing Prayer Sherman McCoy Jacob Keese Michael Brooks
Scripture Reading Rex Robinson Joe Blount  
Lord’s Supper Herb Nulph Bret Mears Invitation
  Joshua Keese   Sherman McCoy
Usher: Scott Goodnite Michael Brooks    
A/V: Kyle Boyd Ty Smith    
03/26/2017     03/29/2017
Announcements Ron Eggert Tom Steinkirchner  
Song Leader Joshua Sullivan Tom Steinkirchner Rex Robinson
Open Prayer Scott Goodnite Joe Blount  
Closing Prayer Bret Mears Dennis Miller Harold Strother
Scripture Reading Jake Tesar Jacob Keese  
Lord’s Supper Sherman McCoy David Boyd Invitation
  Darrell Phipps   Kyle Boyd
Usher: Kyle Boyd Louis Wilson    
A/V: Jacob Keese Michael Armstrong