Bible Courses

Getting Back to the Bible

We are happy to offer a number of correspondence courses which everyone is welcome to enroll in. These courses are particularly helpful for people who live outside of our area and can’t study with us one on one. There is no obligation and no cost to you. No one will visit you unless you request it and your name and address will be kept confidential.

How’s It Work?

The idea is really simple. Just read a brief lesson that explains a particular passage of the Bible. Answer a few short questions about what you have read. these courses are available through the regular mail or some are available here on our website. Send in or submit your answers and we will return a grade sheet as well as the next lesson in the course. These courses are wonderful tools for increasing you knowledge of the scriptures in the privacy, convience and comfort of your own home.

Let’s Study Together

Do you live in the Wichita, KS area? If you do, then we would be happy to meet you at your home or here at the building to study together. In fact, we would consider it an honor to come and study from the Bible together. How long is the class? These studies take only one hour or less per lesson and are great for building a solid spiritual foundation for your life. We believe there is no greater use of our time than helping you come to know the Lord, and answering your spiritual questions. All the necessary arrangements can be made over the phone or via email, so just contact us and one of our members will be happy to get in touch with you as soon as possible.