Bible Course Online

About This Study

The purpose of this study is to introduce students to a few very basic principles of Bible study using the convenience of the Internet. You will need to provide us with your e-mail address if you would like us to grade and return your answers. Your e-mail address will not be shared or sold to anyone. No one will visit you or contact you unless you provide us with your information and request we get in touch with you.

Each lesson consists of an article with several scriptures and a discussion of their meaning. The article may contain a quote from the Scriptures. You are encouraged to open your Bible and read along. Test what we say against what you read in your Bible. If what you read in your Bible does not closely match what we have quoted or it raises other questions in your mind, please add your comments or questions to the section at the bottom of the form.


  1. The Bible Is All You Need
  2. The Old and New Testaments